The integration between Rancher and Capsule, aims to provide a multi-tenant Kubernetes service to users, enabling:

  • a self-service approach
  • access to cluster-wide resources

to end-users.

Tenant users will have the ability to access Kubernetes resources through:

  • Rancher UI
  • Rancher Shell
  • Kubernetes CLI

On the other side, administrators need to manage the Kubernetes clusters through Rancher.

Rancher provides a feature called Projects to segregate resources inside a common domain. At the same time Projects doesn't provide way to segregate Kubernetes cluster-scope resources.

Capsule as a project born for creating a framework for multi-tenant platforms, integrates with Rancher Projects enhancing the experience with Tenants.

Capsule allows tenants isolation and resources control in a declarative way, while enabling a self-service experience to tenants. With Capsule Proxy users can also access cluster-wide resources, as configured by administrators at Tenant custom resource-level.

You can read in detail how the integration works and how to configure it, in the following guides.